Mandrake coloring page Mandrake
Another amazing coloring sheet from Epic movie. Mandrake is the leader of the Boggans who plans to destroy the forest. Have fun with this character!
Queen Tara coloring page Queen Tara
In this coloring picture is Queen Tara, the Mother Nature. She is the queen of the forest and Ronin's childhood love. Come check it out and have fun!
Nod coloring page Nod
How about have fun with this free coloring page from Epic movie? Here is Nod, a rookie archer from the Leaf-Men and protector of nature. Just print it!
Nim Galuu coloring page Nim Galuu
How about coloring another character of the Epic movie? He is Nim Galuu, a Glowworm who is a showman and keeper of magic scrolls that tell what has occurred during the times.
Mub coloring page Mub
Another awesome coloring page from Epic movie. In it is Mub, a slug and caretaker of the pods from the secret world. Have fun with this character!
Grub coloring page Grub
In this coloring picture from Epic movie is Grub, a snail, Mub's best friend and fellow caretaker. Have fun!
General Ronin coloring page General Ronin
General Ronin is a seasoned Leafman warrior and leader of the Leaf-Men. He is Nod's guardian and teacher. Have fun with another amazing Epic coloring page!
Bufo coloring page Bufo
Come have fun with this printable coloring page from Epic movie. Here is Bufo, a bullfrog and business man. Just print it!
Mary Katherine coloring page Mary Katherine
In this free coloring page from Epic movie is Mary Katherine, Professor Bomba's teenage daughter who lives her adventures in a fantastic and amazing world. Have fun!
Professor Bomba coloring page Professor Bomba
Professor Bomba is a scientist and Mary Katherine's father. How about print out and coloring this awesome character from the new film Epic? Enjoy!
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