Rio: The Movie

Characters of Rio movie coloring page Characters of Rio movie
In this beautiful picture, the characters Blu, Jewel, Rafael, Luiz, Pedro and Nico are partying together. Enjoy this beautiful Rio movie coloring page!
Blu, Jewel, Rafael and his puppies coloring page Blu, Jewel, Rafael and his puppies
Look! Jewel, Blu, Rafael and the toucan puppies are having fun. Come check out this awesome Rio movie coloring page. Just print it out!
Linda finding the macaw Blu coloring page Linda finding the macaw Blu

What a beautiful scene from movie Rio to color! Linda finds Blu and take him to her home! Just print out and have fun!

Bulldog Luiz coloring page Bulldog Luiz

Have fun with this beautiful coloring page of bulldog Luiz, a funny dog from the movie Rio! Just print and use your creativity!

Pedro and Nico coloring page Pedro and Nico

In this amazing coloring page of the movie Rio are the birds Pedro and Nico, good friends of Blu from Rio de Janeiro!

Linda, Túlio and Blu coloring page Linda, Túlio and Blu

Another coloring page of the film Rio for you to paint! In this one, Linda and Túlio talk while Blu is eating a delicious cookie!

Blu - blue macaw coloring page Blu - blue macaw

Try to find out what the Blu macaw is eating and enjoy this fun coloring page of film Rio! Have fun!

Blu, Jewel and Rafael coloring page Blu, Jewel and Rafael

Rafael is helping Blu and Jewel! Come coloring another funny picture of Rio movie! Just print and use your imagination!

Jewel coloring page Jewel

Have fun coloring this picture of Jewel from Rio - The Movie!

Children of Rafael coloring page Children of Rafael

Come coloring these toucan puppies! Just print and paint!

Linda, Jewel and Blu coloring page Linda, Jewel and Blu

Did you like the movie Rio!? So have fun coloring this picture! In it you find Linda, Jewel and Blu!

Linda and Blu coloring page Linda and Blu

How about coloring the stars of the film Rio - Linda and Blu! Just print out and have fun!

Rafael coloring page Rafael

Have fun coloring Rafael: The fun toucan from Rio: The Movie!

Jewel - Rio: The Movie coloring page Jewel - Rio: The Movie

How about coloring Jewel, a female blue macaw? She is one of the highlights of the film Rio!

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