The Legend of Korra

Chief Lin Beifong coloring page Chief Lin Beifong
Here is another coloring page of The Legend of Korra! Lin Beifong is the daughter of Toph Beifong, and the former Chief of Police of Republic City! Have fun!
Tarrlok coloring page Tarrlok
Here is a nice picture of Tarrlok, the former representative for the Northern Water Tribe on the United Republic Council and also served as its chairman. Enjoy!
Tenzin coloring page Tenzin
Have fun with this nice coloring sheet of Tenzin - the youngest child of Avatar Aang and Katara and the only living airbending master!
Pabu coloring page Pabu
What an awesome coloring page of Pabu! He is a mischievous fire ferret who belongs to Bolin! Enjoy.
Naga coloring page Naga
What about to color Naga, a female polar bear dog that belongs to Avatar Korra as her animal companion, and main form of transportation? Enjoy!
Amon coloring page Amon
Amon, born as Noatak, is the charismatic and mysterious leader of a revolutionary group of non-benders known as the Equalists. Have fun with this coloring sheet!
Meelo coloring page Meelo
A nice coloring page of Meelo, the third child and the first son of Tenzin and Pema, and grandson to Avatar Aang and Katara.
Korra training coloring page Korra training
Looks like Korra is training to become a fully realized Avatar! Have fun with this beautiful coloring page!
Mako coloring page Mako
Here is an awesome coloring page of Mako, a firebender who grew up on the streets of Republic City as an orphan with his younger brother, Bolin. Enjoy!
Korra coloring page Korra
How about to have fun coloring this picture of Avatar Korra, who was born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe?
Avatar Korra coloring page Avatar Korra
What about to color this nice picture of Korra, a gifted and powerful bender! She's a powerful Avatar and immediate successor of Avatar Aang. Enjoy!
Ikki coloring page Ikki
Here is a beautiful coloring page of Ikki, the second airbending child and youngest daughter of Tenzin and Pema, and the granddaughter of Avatar Aang and Katara. Enjoy
Bolin coloring page Bolin
Bolin is an earthbender who grew up on the streets of Republic City under the protection of his older brother, Mako. Enjoy this awesome coloring page!
Asami Sato coloring page Asami Sato
Enjoy this coloring sheet of Asami Sato, the only main character of The Legend of Korra who is a non-bender. She is the only daughter of the wealthy industrialist Hiroshi Sato!
Jinora coloring page Jinora
A nice coloring page of Jinora - the eldest daughter to Tenzin, and older sister to both Ikki, and Meelo! Enjoy!
Korra bending water coloring page Korra bending water
Only one person, the "Avatar", can bend all four elements! In this coloring page, Korra is bending water! Have fun coloring it!
Korra bending earth coloring page Korra bending earth
Looks like the Avatar Korra is a good earthbending! What about to have fun coloring this awesome picture from the new tv series The Legend of Korra?
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